Golden Launch
Golden Launch
A Squarespace design studio for creatives

Golden Launch Creative is a design studio that leverages the power of Squarespace to create simple, bold brands for creatives in fashion, beauty, travel, tech, and lifestyle.


squarespace for creatives

Let's get started and discover ways to grow your brand.

It’s not just about having a beautiful home to house your work, which is our specialty, but at Golden Launch, we’re here to help you discover, develop, and secure a booming client base.


attract the right customers

We take pride in curating unique spaces
(on and off line)

We work with you to build a booming brand on and offline. From pitching your next investor to securing that big client, Golden Launch helps you build those relationships through design.


Web Design

In the market for a new online space? We can help you with a bold new website.


Media Kits & Pitch Decks

Reach out to investors and brands in style. Never go into a meeting unprepared again.


What They're Saying

"I shared my website on my radio interview today, and already have brand new social media followers, a gig request that came directly from the website and some incredibly great reviews about the design!"

–Tony Keith



Jason Reynolds

Delina Medhin

Well-Read Black Girl


Tobore Oweh