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Golden Launch
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A thoughtful approach to Squarespace design 

It’s not just about having a beautiful home to house those creations, which is our specialty, but at Golden Launch, we’re here to help you discover, develop, and secure a booming client base. Collaborating with us is like having  your own personal cheerleaders–a group of homegirls pushing you forward and helping you introduce all of your goodness to the world. Who doesn’t need that?


The Designer

Hi, I’m Kia I’m a visual artist and designer with a strong obsession for aesthetics. Melding fashion and documentary photography was once the basis of my work–but, now I choose the world wide web as my canvas. My photo and artwork has been seen in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Reginald Lewis Museum, and more.

The Studio

More often than not, we run across really cool brands with really bad websites. And guess what? That doesn't sit well with us. With a background in design, photography, production, and digital marketing, our team collaborates with you to help turn your dreams into reality. We create strategy to help you maintain consistency and provide the right visuals to keep YOU unique.

We know everyone isn't fully versed in the back end of the internet but that shouldn't stop you from creating a perfect first impression for your audience. 

Golden Launch collaborates with other designers to help bring creative dreams to life.


Let's get started and discover ways to grow  your brand.